Tips for the security of your devices:

  • Make sure you keep your operating system and your computer and smartphone apps up to date;
  • Only download official updates, available on manufacturers’ websites. To install apps on your smartphone, refer only to the official stores;
  • Install appropriate security software (antivirus and personal firewall, etc.) and remember to keep them up to date;
  • Be wary of any e-mail inviting you to download or run programs when you do not know the source.

Tips for accessing Ifis Finance and Banca Ifis services:

  • Carefully store your personal data. This is the only data that allows us to recognise you. Remember that Banca Ifis operators will never ask you to disclose your login credentials;
  • Change the password regularly;
  • Verify the authenticity of the connection with Banca Ifis by checking the site name in the navigation bar and via the presence of the certificate in the private area (the padlock icon in the navigation bar and reference to Banca Ifis S.p.A.);
  • Enter the bank address directly in the navigation bar. Do not click on links in suspicious e-mails: they may lead you to a fake site;
  • Be wary of any request to enter or urgently communicate any of your personal codes or other personal information;
  • If possible, do not store your passwords in the browser and remember to update them often.