Factoring for the international market

Thanks to our experience on the international market, we can source and find the best solution to satisfy any business requirement.

Export Factoring

We are committed to managing your receivables by overseeing collection through recourse and non-recourse factoring services. On assigning a receivable, we can advance the relevant amount by making the cash funds you need immediately available.



We advance trade receivables claimed from your foreign customers.


We assess the financial soundness of your foreign customers.


We protect your export business from the possibility of foreign customer insolvency in the case of non-recourse factoring.

Import Factoring

We have designed, for businesses that export their products to Poland and/or for Polish businesses that import from abroad, a service under which we can purchase – even outright – the receivable assigned, as well as overseeing collection and taking on the risk of default.



We advance trade receivables.


We guarantee your business exporting to Poland receivables management.


We assess the financial soundness of current and potential Polish customers.

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